Forrst Invite Giveaway

I’ve been awarded the honour of being able to give away an invite for Forrst. If you’re interested then let me know in the comments. Show me why you’re awesome skills deserve the invite but remember, don’t beg.

The Problem with Premium Themes

I had this half baked thought last night while I was falling asleep and I want to painfully extract it and put it down in words. So bear with me. I don’t like Premium Themes. There I said it.

Now once you’ve recovered from that initial shock and have stopped flaming and spamming my comments I’ll explain why. First of all by “Premium Themes” I mean website themes that you buy on ThemeForest or from subscription sites like UpThemes. Now I don’t have anything against these sites and companies, I even attempted selling my own themes on ThemeForest for a while. But something is wrong.

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I’m Qualified

I received my exam results the other day. I’m now an officially qualified Software Engineer with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree from Strathclyde University. I received a Second Class Honours degree, upper division (which translates as a 2:1).

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Dribbble: Thanks, But No Thanks

Recently dribbble have been dishing out invites again and the outcome of this is my twitter stream is now filled with people offering invites, but only for people who can prove their awesome design talent. This has even led to designers building custom sites, literally begging people to give them an invite.

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